RI Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A lot of people will tell you that SEO is dead, but whether we like it or not, SEO is alive and well. However, SEO has evolved tremendously over the last decade and continues to change every year.

Of all the various aspects of digital marketing, SEO continues to be the most misunderstood subject. That’s why I’ve decided to put together a quick guide of the best SEO resources available—from beginner to advanced.

Everything you’ll ever need to know about getting found in search can be learned in the following 27 SEO resources.


Key takeaways:

How search engines operate and how people interact with them
Why SEO is necessary
The basics of design, user experience, and content creation for SEO
Keyword research
Useful tools for SEO
Common myths and misconceptions about SEO
Key takeaways:

Indexation and accessibility
Site speed and performance as relative to SEO
Keyword research and advanced data research
Link building techniques
Search verticals
Key takeaways:

What is link building and why it’s important
Understanding good vs bad links
How to start a link building campaign
Link building metrics
Advanced link building tips and tricks

Key takeaways:

Understanding ranking algorithms
Google’s policies and approach
How disappearing data makes SEO more challenging
Keyword research and content creation
The truth about link building
Social media and SEO
Key takeaways:

Content marketing by the numbers
The difference between content marketing and paid SEO
The best types of content for SEO
Key takeaways:

SEO basics
Improving site structure
Optimizing content
Dealing with web crawlers
SEO for mobile

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