Ron Mello

Ron Mello

Backend Web Developer

I built my first website at URI, while studying for My Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. I spent almost 5 years at Raytheon as an Electrical Engineer, 2 years at Lifespan and 2 years at CVS Corporate, among other contract positions. My passion lies in freelance work. Engaging with the client, bringing their vision to life and getting their web application ranked on Google for an ROI.

Most of my concentration has been in backend development (LAMP & Linux System Administration). I do a little UI / UX, but would rather focus on the coding aspect of web applications.

RI Web Design

RI web development services include:

– Project Management
– Web marketing strategy
– Search Engine Optimization
– Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing
– Web branding and reputation management
– Web site development, design and implementation
– Software Development